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Subject: DOWN IN DAWSON'S CREEK Dawson walked into his bedroom after a long day. He was tired and very
horny. Although he plump underage girls had been going out with Jen for a while now, his thoughts
on sex always seemed to return to his best friend Pacey. Dawson was pretty
sure that he was gay, but never dared to let anyone know, due to fear of being
left by his friend. He had just spent the day with Pacey, playing some
basketball. The boys had gotten sweaty, and Pacey had taken off his shirt, to
reveal a beautiful chest and abdominal area. The hot, cute Pacey was not to
muscular, but was nowhere near scrawny. Dawson admired his friends body and
that is what probably led to him losing the game. After another day of
staring at Pacey, Dawson needed to let his penis free. He took off his shoes
and then his socks. He then removed his shirt showing his chest and abs,
which were not as athletic as paysite underage
Pacey's, but not anything to be ashamed of.
Dawson removed his pants, and his beautiful tool stuck out of his boxers, as
hard as ever. Dawson then began jerking off. Downstairs, Pacey walked into Dawson's house. He never knocked, but just
entered, as no one in the Leary house cared. Pacey went upstairs to see
Dawson. He walked in the door and Dawson was really into jerking off. The
boys sat up, naked and surprised."Whoa, sorry dawson," said Pacey. "I'll let you get back to what you were
doing."Pacey was backing up asian underage movies to leave, when Dawson noticed that his friend had a
groing bulge in his pants, and saw Pacey staring right at his manmeat."Pacey, looks like you need some relief too," said Dawson staring at Pacey's
now almost fully erect bulge."Yeah," said Pacey, "but what can I do, sit here and jerk off with you?"Dawson so badly wanted to say yes, but just couldn't. However, his dreams
were about to come true. "Would you mind lesbian underage rape Dawson? I wouln't be able to walk home like this."YESSSS, Dawson thought to himself. "Sure, I guess," said Dawson.Pacey took off his shoes and socks, and then his shirt as Dawson did earlier.
Then his shirt came off, followed by his pants. Pacey's underage com hardcore dick sprung out from
his Jockey shorts, which were soon removed as well. Soon both boys were
laying there naked, jacking off. However, about a minute in, Pacey exclaimed,
"This is boring, I can do this anytime. I am really horny and this is doing
nothing for me. Dawson, will you suck my dick for me? I have a feeling that
will fell better than this, and I'll return the favor."Dawson couldn't believe it. He was in heaven already just by seeing Paceys
beautiful 6 and a half incher, but now he was gonna get to suck it, and have
his 8 incher get sucked back. "Alright," Dawson said trying not to sound to
excited.Pacey stood up and put his manmeat in front of Dawson's face. Dawson wasted
no time, and started licking the head of Pacey's cock. Pacey let out a slight
groan. Within seconds, Dawson had almost the entire cock in his mouth. He
sucked and sucked, and felt like he was in heaven. Pacey groaned with
delightment, and shoved his meat all the way into dawson's mouth. wet underage pussy
"Uhhh OHH,
that feels som good Dawson."
Dawson continued to suck and soon, "UUUUHHHHHHHHH" Pacey had began to cum.
Dawson took in 7 loads of Pacey's liquid and swallowed it down. "That was great Dawson. Thanks alot. I needed that""Wait a second there Pacey, I think you owe me something."Dawson sttod up and free underage cam
took his cock in his hand and motioned toward Pacey.
Pacey went over and kneeled down. Pacey began to lick Dawson's cock and then
soon took as much of the cock in his mouth as possible. Dawson was moaning underage pay sites in
delight as Pacey kept sucking. "Oh yeah , Pacey, keep sucking. That feels so
good. Keep going, I'm about to cum." Pacey kept sucking, now harder and
harder now, and "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH" Dawson shot 9 loads down his friend awaitin
mouth and Pacey swaalowed most, but had to let some fall back onto Dawson's
cock, which he licked up after swallowing. The boys lied down, exausted, in eachothers arms. underage bds "Well," said Pacey, "I hope
that satisfied your dream.""What?" exclaimed dawson."Well, about a week ago, I walked in here, and saw you jerking off. You were
saying 'Oh Pacey, I love you, Suck my dick harder.' I didn't want to embarass
you, so I left quietly, and unnoticed. But, I should have stayed, because
I've been wanting to do that with you for a long time"Dawson was so happy. The two boys kissed. Their dicks sprang up again and
Dawson suggested they try something new. He ran to his bathroom, where he
grabbed some vaseline and returned. He lubed up his tool and underage illagal Pacey's butt
hole. He procceded to enter his dick into his friend and now lover. Dawson
started with a few inches, not wanting to hurt Pacey, but eventually got the
whole thing into Pacey. The two lovers became one as Dawsons pushed and
pushed. Soon, he had cum again.Pacey felt the liquid travel inside him, and knew it was his turn. After
Dawson removed his cock, Pacey lubed up his own cock, and Dawson's hole. He
returned to Dawson what Dawson gave him. Soon Pacey had filled Dawson with
his warm liquid. The two lovers fell ontop of eachother. They kissed again. Dawson, and we now know, Pacey's dreams had become reality. The two boys
smiled at eachother, knowing they would have lots more sexual experiences,
down in Dawson's Creek.
Dawson's Creek and all characters are trademarks of and copyright Warner Bros.
This is a work of fiction which in not meant to imply anything about the
characters, actors, or production company.
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